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Dr. Hershenberg discusses the psychological effects of sharing experiences with an experiential design firm. - September, 2017

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Dr. Hershenberg discusses tips for cultivating empathy that will help you deal with the annoyances of the holiday season. - December, 2017

Dr. Hershenberg discusses non-offensive gift Ideas to nudge someone toward healthy behaviors. Activating Happiness makes the list as a health book with broad appeal. -December, 2017

Dr. Hershenberg discusses tips to motivate yourself to exercise when you're depressed. -December, 2017

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Dr. Hershenberg discusses Activating Happiness with host Dr. Marina Kurian on Doctor Radio. -December, 2017

Dr. Hershenberg discusses disconnecting from technology before bedtime in an article about lifestyle changes that can make you healthier.  -December, 2017


“Rachel Hershenberg has decoded the latest science to uncover a secret that’s easy to miss: to beat depression, it’s not enough just to control negative emotions—you have to instill positive emotions as well. In Activating Happiness, Hershenberg walks you through several simple and doable strategies that just may be the step you’ve been missing in your battle with depression, low motivation, apathy, or other negative mood states. Take her advice to heart; your emotions will thank you for it.”

David F. Tolin, PhD, ABPP, author of Face Your Fears and Doing CBT



Dr. Hershenberg guest blogs about letting go of your imaginary audience during the holiday season. -December, 2017

Dr. Hershenberg guest blogs about dealing with resentment when you take on the lions' share of holiday preparations. -December, 2017

Dr. Hershenberg guest blogs about combatting food related holiday guilt. -December, 2017

Dr. Hershenberg guest blogs about 3 ways to end holiday resentment -December, 2017

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Dr. Hershenberg discusses her new book, Activating Happiness 

Dr. Hershenberg discusses how to accomplish your goals in 2018. -January, 2018

Activating Happiness makes the list of "Self-help books to help you live your best life in 2018"

Activating Happiness makes the list of "Self-help books to help you live your best life in 2018" - January, 2018

Activating Happiness makes the list of 72 of 2017’s Best Books to Make You Successful - January, 2018

Dr. Hershenberg discusses her new book, Activating Happiness -January 2018 

Dr. Hershenberg shares tips on making plans to be good to yourself on Valentine's Day - February, 2018

Dr. Hershenberg provides tips for celebrating the small victories along the way - February, 2018

Dr. Hershenberg shares tips for getting the most out of positive events with the 50+ community - February, 2018

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Dr. Hershenberg helps you break your patterns of procrastination- February, 2018

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